Males, for the most part, have traditionally (and stereotypically) been exempt from the frets and fears of fashion when it comes to putting outfits collectively for the office or that night out on the town. Which is really bad, because having the right clothes for the right occasion can really give you a sense of feeling comfortable and self-confident. Most men, at least, are capable of choosing a shirt and pants with little difficulty -if not little success. The problem is most men stop there. As guys, we seldom think about our accessories-such as our shoes-and our belts.

Men's brown leather belts are the single most popular seatbelt style among men. Nevertheless, the styles within that style are many, with the belt and the buckle being the two most distinct parts. Exactly how the two pieces of this accessory work with each other (and with your clothes) deserves just a little consideration. And having a well put together outfit and complementing accessories will make you more noticed and you will be more more likely to make a favorable impression on new people you meet. So what is there to look for in a brown leather belt?

Ensure it fits.

Let's start with the band of the here belt-you know, the part that wraps around your waist. Most men consider this as a simple item of brown leather that has an unknown size and width with a few openings. In actuality, belts have sizes dictated by their length and the number of holes they have for the buckle. In addition , all belts have distinct widths for specific applications and look. On a new belt you can look at the tag to look for the size. On older belts you just need to try it on. A belt that is too small needs to be discarded. A belt that is simply too large can be modified to fit by notching more holes and trimming it tip of the belt.

Determining what size of the leather belt you need is a little more confusing. Generally, thinner belts are considered more elegant and are being used to accent a dress suit or dress attire. Typically, a brown leather belt will coordinate with the shoes in formal attire and tie together the t-shirt and the slacks. Since brown is so adaptable and muted, it can be used with a wide array of dress clothing. What is most important is that you purchase a men's belt that has a size that coordinates with the loops of your jeans. Western style belts in particular can be very wide to accommodate the western style belt buckles. Be wary and once in doubt pick an average width that is neither skinny nor wide. This will allow you to support many different occasions.

The belt style is very important to the occasion and look you want to portray. Great rule of thumb is that you can always go simple and plain. The most typical type of men's brown leather belts have no pattern or distinguishing signifies. This shouldn't be confused with undesirable, but rather elegant. Use these plain belts when you want to draw awareness of other elements of your outfit.

When you'd rather make a splash at your midsection then go ahead and shop around for a belt that has a lttle bit more style. They make all different varieties of leather devices including; braided leather belts, stamped, stitched, feathered stinging, tapered, laced, and distressed; just to name a few. Having a short jaunt through an internet store will give you a good idea of what varieties of belt styles can be found. Just remember that devices with crisp edges and clean lines are better for professional apparel. Showy designs on wide belts with flourishes and frays are better for per night out on the town. These more distressed devices can often look over-worn rather than fashionable in an office setting.

If the buckle and the seatbelt were a set of twins, the buckle will be the fun one, while the belt performed all the work. Practically 60 percent of all belt buckles are simple silver metal -thin and nondescript. Once again, these buckles are functional and desirable in formal and office settings. The other 40 percent of belt buckles are designed to meet the desires individuals. There are practically an unlimited amount of styles to choose from, each offering a different way to express yourself.

So to recap: for formal occasions and office settings choose a thin style brown leather belt that has clean lines and simple patterns if any pattern at all. Choose a belt buckle that is understated and functional. For your night life and private expression, choose a wider belt that provides more chance for more attractive buckles and designs and find a buckle that is comfortable but shows something unique about your personality. Above all, find a leather belt that makes you feel confident and looks good.